Dy-Mark Line Marking Paint
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Durable Line Marking Paint

Primary use:

A fast drying acrylic paint specially formulated to provide long lasting lines, designed for use with the Dy-Mark Line Master.

A DIY product with professional results.


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Product Description


Why pay over the odds, when you can paint professional lines yourself?

Inverted line marking paint designed to be used in the Dy-Mark Line Master or for hand held use.

Specially formulated to provide long lasting lines.

Ideal for marking out car parks, factories, warehouses, sporting fields & courts.

The 500g can will provide approximately 80-100 metres of quality lines when used in the Dy-Marking Line Master machine.

Toluene-free formula – making it a safer product to use.

Suitable for concrete, bitumen, grass, soil and timber.


Available in 7 standard colours: 41015001 Black, 41015002 Red, 41015003 Blue, 41015004 Green, 41015005 Yellow, 41015006 Orange, 41015011 White.


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