• Made in Japan
  • 25mm Heat Toughened Blade
  • Extra Heavy Duty
Start Sharper, Last Longer

25mm EVO Black Blades are the No. 1 choice for cutting insulation materials and other tough construction jobs.
Made in Japan, these premium blades lead their competitors by being heat toughened, allowing physically sharper honing of the cutting edge, yet remaining durable and pliable.
The EVO Black Blades have been independently tested and proven to be physically sharper.
Being made from higher grade steel and heat toughened, the edge of the blade lasts longer and stays sharper.

25mm wide x .7mm thick – Fits most 25mm snap knives.



Our KDS EVO Black Blades are designed, engineered and manufactured in Japan to the same exacting standards as the iconic samurai sword.
Independent testing of our blades has shown that the KDS EVO Black Blade is the sharpest and strongest in the industry.
The steel used in the manufacture of our blades is also the finest steel available in the world. This SK2 grade steel is extremely pure with very minimal impurities. This purity level means that the carbon grains will be denser.
Each blade is heat treated, which requires an extensive understanding of metallurgy to make a blade that is pliable, yet hardened enough to make a sharp blade.
As a result, our blades will be more pliable, last longer and stay sharper for longer than any other brand of blade.

Simply put, EVO Black Blades cut deeper, more easily and through tougher materials with ease.
Designed for the trade in high use and heavy work situations ie. Flooring, Drywall, Insulation, Construction etc.

Works out cheaper
  • Less downtime and blade handling
Saves you time
  • Speeds up workflow
  • Safer, easier to use
  • Maximises cutting depth

Snapknives and blades are often referred to as Stanley knife. But other names for the tool are box cutter or boxcutterrazor blade kniferazor knifecarpet knifepen knifestationery knifesheetrock knife, or drywall knife. This snap design was introduced by Japanese manufacturer Olfa Corporation in 1956 as the world’s first snap-off blade. It was inspired from analyzing the sharp cutting edge produced when glass is broken and how pieces of a chocolate bar break into segments. KDS has taken the blade to the next performance level in its development of the EVO technology. Along with being rock-hard the EVO Black Blade segments allow 7 times more cutting, without changing the blade.