KDS JOB BOSS PRO KNIFE Value Pack – 25mm

  • Screw Lock Knife
  • 25mm EVO Black Blade
  • 3 Spare Blades in bonus storage case
Extra Heavy Duty Knife

Designed for tough trade use such as cutting while installing insulation.
Other target industries: Construction, Dry-wall, Flooring.
Will fit other blades but performance is maximised using HB-10B EVO, the 1st choice blade for cutting insulation materials.



If you or your company are in need of industrial safety box cutters and blades, the staff at Tradegear are standing by to help you select the right blade for your job. As one of the leading KDS box cutter wholesale suppliers, we maintain a large inventory of different types and models of this popular brand of knives.

One of our most popular models is the Job Boss Pro – Screw Lock cutter. This extra heavy-duty knife comes with a 25 mm EVO Black Blade. This cutter features a secure screw-locking feature and is typically used by professionals cutting tough materials, such as in the insulation industry by the insulation installers. It is also commonly used in construction, drywall and flooring businesses. It has features to match, including a strong metal blade channel within a strong, ergo styled body that is comfortable and secure even in big hands.