“Like a towel, stockinette is best when washed before use”.

Consistent knit density.

More absorbent, as cotton’s natural waxes are removed.


  • Easier clean up, more absorbent
  • Better polish, less abrasive
  • Better hygiene, cleaner
  • More cloth, less fluff
  • Softer


Tradegear Pre-washed stockinette was designed in conjunction with NZ tradesmen to their requirements.
After the cloth is knitted, it is washed & rinsed, removing the natural waxes from the cotton, as well as any dirt, foreign bodies, loose fibres and lint.







100% Cotton – A natural, renewable resource, knitted into a cloth that improves with washing and re-use, that ultimately is biodegradable.

Strict Knitting Specifications – Tradegear controls the manufacturing process, ensuring consistency for every roll.

Hot Washed – Pre washed in hot, soapy water, after knitting to remove waxes and increase absorbency.

Rolled, Wrapped and Labelled – Pre-washed stockinette is packaged in cellophane, to ensure the end user receives the cloth in perfect, clean condition. The branded label is barcoded and lists features and benefits.


Our stockinette (also referred to as cheesecloth or mutton cloth) is available in a variety of sizes:

3821/2m – Handy-Pack, 3821/5m – Multi-Purpose Roll, 3821/500g – 500gm Roll, 3821/1kg – 1kg Roll, 3821/2.5kg – 2.5kg Roll.       Also available in bulk, precut pieces.

3821/2.5kg Roll – Our Industrial Roll
It is widely used in the NZ cleaning and auto-refinishing industries due to the core benefits of Tradegear Stockinette. It has a knit that traps waxes or other cleaners, allowing a perfect finish and shine. Its softness, being guaranteed grit-free, along with the ability to be washed and re-used, makes it the Trade cloth of choice.

3821/Multipurpose – Our Domestic Roll
Made from the same fabric as the 2.5kg roll, the Multipurpose Roll is conveniently sized, and priced for the Home. Ideal for use in the workshop, garage, kitchen or laundry, it is a cost effective cloth that sells very well in an impulse bin at retail.