RT03  (5 Blade Pack)  or  RT15  (50 Blade Pack)
  • Patented Serrated Blade
  • Reduces Friction, Increases Workflow
  • Longer Lasting
The “Cutting Edge” of Utility Blades

The patented Rapid Edge Serrated Utility Blade features 3 to 5 cutting surfaces.
This design greatly reduces friction, stays sharper and lasts longer than regular straight blades.
These blades will noticeably lift your workflow efficiency, by making your cutting easier and faster.

Fits most standard utility knives.


For MULTI EDGE Cutting Power

Rapid Edge blades feature a patented serrated cutting edge. Independent U.S. testing has proved the RAPID EDGE blade to be superior in sharpness, lasting longer on everyday items such as carpet, nylon rope, asphalt tiles and drywall.

This is achieved by multiple cutting edges working simultaneously, sharing the cutting friction, it works very much like a serrated steak knife. They will cut tough, fibrous and synthetic materials with ease, where other straight edged blades will struggle.

These serrated utility blades will allow you to work faster and more easily, with less down time changing blades, saving you time and money.

  • LONGER BLADE LIFE – Cutting friction is shared by multiple edges
  • FASTER/EASIER CUTTING – Multiple cutting edges working simultaneously
  • INDEPENDENTLY TESTED & RATED # 1 – against other leading brands

Rapid Edge utility blades designed in Canada, are stocked in U.S. in the Big Box hardware chains, as well as independent trade and industry stores. The Handyman Club of America member testing gave Rapid Edge blades an astounding 95% approval rating!

Often generically called Stanley knives, they are commonly used in factories, warehouses, construction projects and other situations where a tool is routinely needed to cut lines, trim plastic or wood materials, or to cut tape, cord, strapping, cardboard or other packaging material. The Rapid Edge blades will perform very well with these materials, including cutting difficult products like nylon ropes and carpet, and drywall.