• Safer – Non-Slip Ergonomic Design
  • Quick Change® Blade Replacement
  • Complete with 3 Blades
Multi-Trade Knife

Features the patented Rapid Edge serrated blade for long lasting sharpness and easy cutting. This is a multi-trade utility knife designed for tough trade work.
This knife is comfortable in your hand, tough as old boots, and will cut nearly everything, safely and quickly.
Metal construction, ergo designed non-slip handle, quick blade change function and two spare blades.


The Rapid Edge Quick Change knife has a lightweight, cast zinc body and is fitted with a serrated blade – an ideal combination for tough cutting jobs.
The ergo-metric design, coupled with a non-slip rubberized coating makes it comfortable even in big hands, and even in wet conditions. The blade is retractable when not in use, allowing safe storage in pockets or toolboxes.

It has a quick-change function so that the time lost when changing blades is minimized. Once the release button is depressed, the blade can be removed and replaced without the need of tools. The body of the knife has a built in reserve, holding 2 spare blades.

For added safety, there is a twine cutter built into the body, which is designed to operate without the blade needing to be extended.

The blade has a two stage opening setting, the first position being designed to expose just enough edge to cut through one layer of corrugated fiberboard to minimize chances of damaging contents of cardboard boxes.

Often utility knives go by the generic term of Stanley knives. Other names for the tool are box cutter or boxcutter, razor blade knife, razor knife, carpet knife, pen knife, stationery knife, sheetrock knife, or drywall knife. While some of these names refer to a different kind of knife depending on the region, the Rapid Edge RT07 will perform across all of these multi-trade tasks.

They are especially suited to cutting fibrous and tough synthetic materials that other knives and blades struggle with.