Superior coverage

Primary use:

Trade marking on concrete, bitumen, steel, and timber.
Designed for handheld, inverted “upside down” use.

Why buy a Trade quality product, if it’s just to be used for temporary marking?
Because you will save both time & money!

  • Tradegear Marking Spray’s reliability minimises wastage, enabling a full spray out of the paint.
  • Achieves greater coverage (4-6 m²)
    Premium ingredients provide superior coverage.
  • Highly Visible


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Superior Coverage

Spray paint designed for inverted use.
Suitable for concrete, bitumen, rock, steel, timber and general broken ground.

Comparison of a similar product should not be made on can price or size, but instead by how much marking you actually achieve for your money.
Customers’ field trialling has shown Tradegear Marking Spray to achieve approx 25% more marking over a month than other leading brands.

Tradegear Marking Spray is manufactured to TRADE quality, a professional marking product serving the civil engineering, timber and construction industries.

Often there is confusion with people using brand names generically for example using Dazzle paint as a generic name for up side down spray paint. Tradegear Marking Spray, is designed for New Zealand conditions unlike other imported products such as Aervoe, Stripe, Signet and Soppec paint.


Better Value – you will save money.

  • Greater coverage – with 4-6m²
  • Highly Visible colours
    large range- includes 8 Standard and 6 Fluoro cols.
  • Reliable nozzles and cans – formulated to enable you to use ALL the paint in the can
  • Toluene-free formula – making it a safer product to use
  • Fast and easy to use – with the original “One Piece Trigger Cap”
  • Big trade 425ml can (350g net)
  • Fast Drying – with excellent adhesion
  • Bright, solid, long-lasting colours with high opacity – available in standard or fluorescent
  • Specialist Long Arm handles available – see picture above


Available in 8 standard colours: 50013501 Black, 50013502 Red, 50013503 Blue, 50013504 Green, 50013505 Yellow, 50013506 Orange, 50013511 White, 50013558 Violet.
Available in 6 fluoro colours: 50013522 Fl/Red, 50013523 Fl/Blue, 50013524 Fl/Green, 50013525 Fl/Yellow, 50013526 Fl/Orange, 50013529 Fl/Pink.

NZ Utility Identification Standard Colours*

POTABLE WATER              Blue – 50013503  
STORMWATER                  GREEN – 50013504
GAS                                    YELLOW – 50013505
PRELIM. MARK OUT         WHITE – 50013511
WASTEWATER                  FL. RED – 50013502
ELECTRICITY                    FL. ORANGE – 50013526 
TELECOMS                       VIOLET – 50013558

*Source:  NZTA Minimum Standard fo Utility Identification & projection on road projects