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Knee Problems? It’s easy to look after your future.
  • Trade Protection from Injury
  • Promotes Long Term Knee Health
  • Unique Venting System Prevents Chafing
Comfortable Enough to Wear All Day

Our knee pads are uniquely jointed to flex with the natural movement of the knee. The two 25mm wide straps securely anchor the pads in place.
The Dual Density EVA Foam provides softness & comfort while giving greater support.
The super tough, custom polymer shell and non-slip rubberised grip strips make these knee pads very safe and almost indestructible.

Tradegear Safety Knee Pads provide the ultimate in comfort, protection and ease of use, even in extreme trade environments.





Our Tradegear Safety Knee Pads are made from a custom polymer shell which is resistant to chemicals and abrasion.
The 1st grade EVA inner foam backing and wide, strong 25mm upper and lower straps mean these pads are comfortable to wear all day long.

The non-slip contact grip face will keep you in control.

Our knee pads are used in a wide spectrum of businesses and commercial enterprises such as welding, building, roofing and flooring as well as other construction trades.

Avoid cuts & burns
  • Super tough custom polymer shell
  • Chemical & abrasion resistant – rubberised grip strips
  • Soft & supportive inner pads
  • Promotes long term knee health
Wear all day!
  • Unique jointed design – moves with the natural motion of the knee
  • 1st Grade EVA inner pad – for greater softness & support
  • Two 25mm straps – securely anchor the pads in place, creating exact support & comfort
  • Speed clips – for fast and easy adjustment
  • Save time – Increase your output!

As one of the leading industrial safety gear suppliers, Tradegear knows how important it is to provide tradies with the best safety equipment possible. This is especially true when it comes to knee pads. While welding and mining knee pads have been in use for many years, recent improvements in the design and materials of our model will provide the user with the most comfortable and safe knee pad on the market today. The Tradegear Kneepad is the ultimate protection against on the job injuries to the knee and joint. These knee pads are designed in the USA and are in use by professionals all over the western hemisphere and in Europe. You will find that because of the unique jointed design and the EVA inner foam pad, these knee pads will remain comfortable to wear during the entire work day. Because they are so comfortable, you won’t have to worry about employees not wearing important safety equipment.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Denis Taylor

    Working as a plumber since 1963 my knees took a bashing and in the 70s I had the cartledge removed from my right knee. They took the lot in those days. The pain increassed as the years went by untill I had to have a knee replacement in 2011. When allowed to reurn to work, I bought Tradegear knee pads which allowed me to crawl under houses and across ceilings. They have protected me from broken glass and nails and I can wear them all day. I have used allsorts of ther pads over the years and these ARE THE BEST.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Murray Cambie

    I used these on a trip gold dredging in Queenstown. In the water for hours they protected my wetsuit and knees from getting hammered on rocks. Excellent fit and comfort. Way better than neoprene pads with strapping that tends to bulk up behind your knee

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